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About Robert Burke

My passion for art developed whilst at school, where I had a flair for traditional drawing and art. The art and pottery teacher noticed....      ....Read more


Welcome to my new (still under construction) website. If you like my work, and are considering a commission even at this early stage of the website construction, please feel free to
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A unique and individual hand drawn portrait can not only capture an incredible likeness of the subject, but also bring out a personality and warmth other mediums struggle to obtain. This is because when when people look at a traditionally created piece of art they also see the skill, dedication and time required to create that image.

Pet Portraits

Whether you are looking for a unique way to hang an image of your pet on a wall, or wanting to remember a long lost pet, these portraits can become a cherished possession for your home and family.

The portraits also make the ideal gift to a pet or animal lover, being an individual and unique representation of their beloved pet.

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People Portraits

My people portraits can be of people of any age, either individual portraits, or people groups. They make an ideal and unique present for a family member or friend.

Not only are the portraits suited to all ages of family members, they can also commemorate a persons achievement, such as a hall of fame for a sports person or company directors.

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Nature & Wild Animals

As well as carrying out individual commissions, I often take time out to produce personal pieces of art that can challenge me and help further develop my drawing skills.

One of the area's that I am focusing on, is the production of a collection of nature and zoological images. Once a collection is finished I will be making available a limited edition print run of the pictures.

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My portraits are produced using quality graphite pencils on heavy weight paper. They are a faithful and detailed reproduction of the original reference photographs, with each one taking many hours to produce. A great deal of work and effort goes into each portrait, yet they are available at costs comparable to and often less than a professionally taken photograph.

If you are interested in my work, or would like to commission a portrait, please feel free to contact me.

If you can't find the details you are looking for on my website, I am easy to talk to and would be happy to to talk with you either through email, skype or on the phone. Details are on my contact page