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I am Robert Burke and my passion for art developed whilst at school, where I had a flair for traditional drawing and art. The art and pottery teacher noticed my enthusiasm and passion to develop my artistic skills, and encouraged me to continually improve with each drawing or piece of ceramics work I undertook. I was fortunate that observation, perspective and geometry came to me instinctively rather than requiring extended teaching. Though art was my main passion at school, jobs in art were few and far between in the late 1970's early 1980's. I was therefore encouraged to seek an apprenticeship in engineering as maths and technology were also very strong subjects for me.

Though engineering is a long way from art, I always found opportunities to develop aspects of drawing, whether personal works in my spare time or the creation of technical drawing and product illustrations. My early art schooling helped Immensely with product design, which I carried through to learning advanced 3D computer graphics and illustrative renderings.

This is work I still enjoy today, though more for the technical challenges of using the software rather than the tangible pleasure of creating a portrait or drawing using traditional hand skills. Throughout my career I have produced technical illustrations and graphics for many company brochures, technical manuals and industry guidance documents. I still take on some commercial graphics projects and the occasional freelance computer graphics job, details of this can be seen on my sister website

The influence of my schools art and ceramics teacher came to the for when I was given the opportunity to work in ceramic design. This was supplemented by achieving a post graduate degree in ceramics from Staffordshire University. I put both my engineering, art and ceramics experience to good use when I built a garden pottery producing a variety of pots and pieces including a small production run of Chimney Pot Chess Sets. The pottery is now shut down as I am concentration on traditional artwork and illustration.

Robert Burke - Chmney Pot Chess Set

My passion however still lies with the creation of highly detailed artwork, created by hand, and using skills developed over many decades. Their is a great personal reward in completing a portrait and seeing the reaction of people when they receive their commission.

All the artwork I create is produced using artist grade materials no matter what medium I am working in. The observation and perspective skills developed as a child are a great help in achieving a high degree of realism in the drawings I produce.

My work is carried out in a small home office/studio that is well equipped with both traditional drawing and painting equipment and a powerful graphics computer (used for Technical Illustration projects). My computer graphics skills allow me to create quality copies of the original hand drawn pencil portraits, colour grading the copy to ensure any limited edition prints I create are faithful copies of the original.

If you would like to know more about my portraits and drawings, feel free to >> contact me << I would be happy to talk with you about any aspect of my drawings and art.

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If you can't find the details you are looking for on my website, I am easy to talk to and would be happy to talk with you, either through email, Skype or on the phone. Details are on my contact page