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My passion for art developed whilst at school, where I had a flair for traditional drawing and art. This has continued through my working career....
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Due to high workload, I am not currently able to take on new commissions.

A unique and individual hand drawn or painted pet portrait can not only capture an incredible likeness of the subject, but also bring out the personality and individuality of the animal. When people look at a traditionally created piece of art they also see the skill, dedication and time required to create that image.

Creating the Artwork

Throughout my working life I have always been a thorough and detailed person, and now concentrating on traditional art, I love bringing this detail into my portraits.

Working in a range of mediums, I strive to not only capture the likeness and personality of the subject, but also capture those little individual nuances that a close family member will recognise.

I often spend many days and even weeks making sure the artwork is to my personal exacting standards.

Pet Portraits

As an animal lover that over the years has made a home for a number of cats and dogs, I find the challenge of creating an animal portrait that captures the individuality of the animal extremly rewarding. Drawing or painting realistic fur in detail is extremely challenging and time consuming, especially when you know the owner will know every little individual nuance of their pet.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, feel free to >> contact me. << I will be happy to talk to you about what you need and how it can be turned into a fine art portrait.

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My portraits are produced using quality artist grade materials. They are a faithful and detailed piece of art that brings out the likeness, character and individuality of the subject. Each portrait can be on the easel from several days to a few weeks, depending on complexity and size.

If you are interested in my work, or would like to commission a portrait, please feel free to contact me.

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